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I'm probably not the target audience for this post, but could you make it a bit more accessible by providing a definition of what a benchmark is? Unfortunately the EA Forum also lacks a definition and this link also only provides examples.

Hey there! Really appreciate you doing work on this! 

As someone who is not well-versed in cost-effectiveness analysis, but is very keen learning about this work - could you make the summary a bit more accessible? When reading it I was like: 1) what the hell is bp/g$ 

(I know there is a wiki page linked, but I think most people don't want to click on hyperlinks during the reading of a summary, they just want to decide whether to commit to reading the post. 

After I checked the wiki link I realised bp means 0.0001 but after a quick glance I'm still unsure what giga is (note that I'm writing this comment at 1 am, so the fault can definitely be mine)