Celene Nightingale

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Hi! I'm Celene. This world may not suit me, but those I care about are quite fond of it.

How others can help me

I'm currently focusing on upskilling and gaining more agency and connections. I want to improve my social network, my finances, and my executive function. 

How I can help others

I'm working on the Minor Liberation Initiative, an organization focused on increasing the legal rights minors have, with an initial focus on overturning the Interstate Runaway Compact.


There are a lot of varying factors here which makes answering your question difficult.

You seem to be asking, "What is the impact of an intervention which saves a single person from a school shooting?"

The fact that you mention trauma and increased social impact due to motivation suggests that you mean "saving a single person from a school shooting while the shooting is happening" as opposed to "saving a single person from a school shooting by making school shootings happen less." Such measures would include, for example, increased classroom safety training for students and teachers, or speeding up police response times, but not include preventative measures, such as advocating for gun owners to keep their guns locked in a secure place and not loan them to others. Is that what you're asking about?