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Needed: Input on testing fit for your career

Thanks for your comment. For your first point, I definitely agree in an ideal world that benchmarks for improvement would be useful but I would be hesitant for a few reasons. 

Firstly, you face quite a risk of putting people off a certain career when really you don't have the certainty to give that advice (especially when I am not a specialist in the field), and that could be really damaging and maybe not that useful. Secondly, these things are generally really context specific for how good X amount of progress is in Y amount of time. Eg. for your example, it could depend on pre-existing technical background, the amount of guidance and support you received while learning etc. - and I think this would be hard to quantify in a useful way.

Your second point is a really good one I think and something I would like to include - I suppose if I reach the point of creating a more comprehensive  collection then it should be easier to refer between them.

Towards a longtermist framework for evaluating democracy-related interventions

I think this is really cool and a great way of breaking things down - thanks for writing this up!