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We’ve heard multiple cases of people being fired after something negative happens in their life (personal, conflict at work, etc) that causes them to be temporarily less productive at work [...]  where termination happened with little warning.


We do believe that providing support, enabling people to improve, and building a healthy culture is generally more productive over time, even though it may increase some costs in the short term and add some ongoing maintenance costs. We do not believe that Redwood is making a well-calculated tradeoff that is increasing its productivity, and believe that it’s instead making short-sighted decisions that contribute to burnout and a bad overall culture.

As someone who started working at Redwood Research expecting an awesome experience and unfortunately had an awful one instead mainly because of the above, I wasn't aware multiple others had similar experiences as well - though it doesn't come as a surprise. Knowing my case was not an isolated one provides me with some solace, and will certainly contribute on healing the work-related trauma I've gained from the experience.

My condolences go to others who were unfairly treated there. I wish nothing but the best to RR leadership, and I hope they become better at interacting with employees and the broader community.