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Charlotte Cecil, co-founder of Thrivespring.com - an online platform that brings people together to build resilient, prepared and self-sufficient communities.


Hi there, I first came across EA last summer after someone suggested it might be a good fit for what I'm working on. 

I'm building a platform for community-based disaster risk manangement and resilience.  https://www.thrivespring.com/

The events of the past two years have made it very clear that we live in an increasingly complex and unpredictable world. Our interdependent global supply chain is brilliant when everything is working as expected, but it is vulnerable to black sky hazards that can cause cascading failures across multiple sectors. Crossing our fingers and hoping that a low probability but high impact event like an intense solar flare, EMP or cyber attack on the grid won’t ever occur seems like an awfully big gamble when we consider the stakes.

So how can we increase capacity at the local level to be able to withstand disruptions and shocks?

Long-term resilience, self-sustainability and community-based disaster risk management are part of the answer. We need to tap into the resources within every community and get connected and organised so that we can work together to reduce our risks and increase our capacity for coping with disruptions and disasters. How can we do that? 

 Through practical grassroots initiatives focused on:

- local food production 
- water security
- community energy
- emergency communications 
- mutual aid groups
- mitigation and preparedness measures
- response and recovery teams

Our community resilience noticeboard lets people request collaborators and funding for new and ongoing local projects.  


That's about it for now! We've got more features in the pipeline but the biggest challenge now is getting the platform out there so that people become aware of it and start or get involved with projects in their areas. 

If anyone would like to know more please feel free to get in touch. 

Charlotte Cecil