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Intuition finds ideas but rigor sorts them out, this post was shooting for first category. I was shooting for spitballing, brainstorming/open discussion/thinking out loud in this post and curious to hear any assumptions or evidence that readers think are against it it. But this is a heated topic in an intellectual community with a high value on rigor which may discourage this sort of idea exploration and feedback, idk

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  1. My impression is the latter and something like an irrational degree of trust in our medical institutions which generally don't seem to entertain it, status quo bias.

  2. Classic serotonin model seems obsolete, but e.g. Jaminet posits a direct role for infection there via tryptophan theft in metabolic pathway, encouraged quinolinic acid production.

Those would be awesome... but it feels kind of gratuitous here. I was just trying to introduce this hypothesis crudely, rather than delve into "argue for a particular model with a line of evidence" territory. I consider this a possible interpretation or extrapolation, based on evidence available to me at time that was presented, of mental illness akin to an interpretation of QM or the Fermi hypothesis or AI.

Aside rant: If one were trying to argue for a model a list of various models would be very useful. To my horror I wasn't able to find such a list of models already out there for a researcher to use by quickly Googling with my phone. May need to look in recent Google books listings more deeply. Compiling one on net would likely be a worthwhile exercise.

Burnout: What is it and how to Treat it.

How to distinguish between burnout and similar looking problems, like depression and anxiety

I have at various points been considered by doctors and people who know me, and myself, as severely each of these. My opinion now though is that I actually "caught" an infection and medicine isn't very good at diagnosing these or differential diagnosis in general. I've since made a full functional recovery, if not a total one. I've jotted down some thoughts on this in selected answers > Health on my Quora profile.

Perusing on about this general topic led me to your blog to this post.

"People had been seriously studying stomach ulcers for 50 years, billions of dollars were spent, and then — what do you know, it’s a bacteria. So you have to ask, what other infectious diseases are we missing? A lot of these things that are supposedly also caused by stress, you try to track down the reason for that link, and there isn’t one, except the fact that we don’t have any better cause. You can typically always find some stress if you look for it. Everything that’s supposedly caused by stress, I tell people there’s a Nobel Prize there if you find out the real cause. I reckon a lot of these mysterious chronic diseases are related to some infectious agent. We’ll see if I’m right." - Barry Marshall, Nobel laureate in Medicine

some chronic illnesses

A recent example:

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