Chris Popa

Philanthropy Manager @ ProVeg
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I work in philanthropy at ProVeg and organise the Effective Animal Advocacy Meetups in Berlin. My academic background is in theoretical physics and I am dedicated to improve the world by spreading effective giving and veganism.


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Hi Danny, I am really sorry to hear that you had trouble finding the location. The meetup took place as planned. The venue has a glass wall through which everyone inside is visible, along with a large sign above the door that reads "ProVeg Incubator". It appears you were at the wrong entrance. I warmly encourage you to join us for the next meetup. Should you have any difficulties finding the location in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out in our Telegram group.

Hi Lucas, it is more of a dinner than snacks so it should be fine to not eat beforehand. Also, we will make sure there are no nuts in the food except for almonds. :)

Hi everyone! Due to the low number of sign-ups we have decided to skip this month's Effective Animal Advocacy Meetup. We look forward to seeing you again next time in August. :)

To me, this seems like a classical case of treating symptoms instead of root causes. By preventing the birth of meat consumers we reduce the consumption of meat, yet we do not address the root cause of a dysfunctional food system. Focussing on food system change may be less effective in the short-run (at least in this concrete example). In the long-run however, as food choices shift towards plant-based options, animal suffering caused by food consumption will decrease continuously and may ultimately drop to zero. This can only be achieved through systemic change.