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Daron Acemoglu (economics legend, recent book Power and Progress on big picture technological progress)

meta: do we know that Google Docs are secure?

Hi Tristan,

This is a meta comment (ahaven't had the chance to properly read your paper yet) but this is the kind of document I would have normally expected to encounter as a 50 page LaTeX-generated pdf, and yet I much prefer this format! A pet peeve of mine is that so much quantitative research is latex/pdf based and I deeply dislike essentially all latex software. 

May I ask how you went about writing and formatting this? What format/program did you use to draft it? (my first guess is some kind of markdown) Was it easy to format for EA forum? Did you use any neat tricks for embedding code output (e.g. with rmarkdown)?

I had exactly the same thought in an identical-sounding situation. I felt incredibly uncomfortable, and someone at the party pointed out to me that these kinds of spending habits really alienate young EAs from less privileged backgrounds who aren’t used to ordering pricey food deliveries whenever they feel like it