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Strategy Fellow at Open Philanthropy, working to help identify new cause areas within the Global Health and Wellbeing portfolio. Based in Brussels, grown in the UK.

Giving What We Can member since 2011. Previously earning to give as a strategy consultant.

Not the Chris Smith who used to work at GiveWell.

Tweets on global health, statistics, economics, feminism, and effective altruism at @chris_topian


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It does not. There are a small number of co-funding situations where money from other donors might flow through Open Philanthropy operated mechanisms, but it isn't broadly possible to donate to Open Philanthropy itself (either for opex or regranting).

This comment is an agree vote for Client Earth and a disagree vote for anyone arguing the case for endocrine disruptors as an issue that EAs should spend lots of time or money on

Jerusalem Demsas, staff writer at the Atlantic focused on housing and infrastructure development and visiting Fellow at Center for Economy and Society.  

Good to interview on YIMBY movement and American infrastructure.

Adrian Hill, Director of the Jenner Institute and Professor of Vaccinology in Oxford, co-leader of the group that created the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, leader of the group who developed the R21 malaria vaccine.

Good to interview on Covid-19, on getting vaccines into the world (cf. R21 vs RTS,S in terms of country approval processes), vaccines in general, global health R&D.

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Someone who runs or has built a medium to large location-identified EA community but isn't based in the UK or the Bay Area (e.g. Germany, New York, London, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Poland, Australia, Israel, UAE, Mexico)

Oh classic, she already appeared on the podcast in 2021. I no longer endorse this suggestion, since I don't think the context for SRM has changed enough since she last appeared.

Kelly Wanser,  ED of SilverLiving, an NGO focused on advocating for safe research into solar radiation management to address near term climate risks.

Good to interview on climate change and safe technological research and development.

I thought her Volts interview was well conducted.

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John Nkengasong, US Global AIDS Coordinator, former first Director of the African CDC, and professional virologist.

Good to interview on PEPFAR (which is a Big Deal), efforts to address the global burden of disease by local, bilateral, and multilateral funders and other actors. 

Andrew Youn, founder of One Acre Foundation and co-founder of D-Prize. 

Good to interview on social entrepreneurship, working in low-income contexts as an outsider, experience of being a (small) GiveWell grantee, engaging billionaires and other donors with working to support the world's poorest people, and agricultural productivity improvement.

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