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Three Tiers of Information Gathering

Hi Harrison!

Thank you for taking the time to comment! I agree with your thoughtful assessment: my 'framework' is certainly not rigorous, nor useful to others aside from helping me think about how my approach has progressed. As my post is more a personal reflection, I think 'framework' is too generous as a description.

I appreciate you sharing a counter perspective. I agree that if note linking PKM is used at all, the inline links need to be obviously relevant to the idea and structure of the note.

As a peer review system, it is useful that the forum optimizes for a higher standard of rigor than my post offers. I feel challenged me to write more carefully and thoroughly in the future.

3Harrison Durland24d
Looking back at my comment, I probably came off much more pessimistic/critical than I intended to, especially since I wasn't trying to evaluate both the positives and negatives of your post (and since it was your first post); I simply wanted to inject a few lines of thought that most shifted my thinking on this topic a while ago. Moving forward, I wouldn't want you to be overly cautious/slow in writing on the forum; definitely don't take my thoughts as condemnation of your writing!
Networking for Nerds

Hi Evie. I really like this post! You chose a great topic, given that communication and relationship-building skills are important to everyone.

The idea of a person's projection is a powerful one. I like how image management can just be a matter of sticking to a few key story elements about yourself—which makes it easier for others to place you in their mental map. My experience has been the same: that it pays to optimize for serendipity, and have many pots churning at once. It's amazing how random contacts made a decade ago can re-enter your life. I discov... (read more)

Fill out this census of everyone who could ever see themselves doing longtermist work — it’ll only take a few mins

Great idea for a survey! I have submitted my answers.

I really liked that the list of cause areas is extensive, that you allow multiple choices, and that you offer an "Other" category. I appreciate that the survey was reasonable in length, and that it felt well thought-out.

One potential point of improvement: for the optional answer fields,  I wasn't sure how long to make my responses. From a web form perspective, the fields look nice. However, I found that their single line default size led me to feel that a short response was preferred. It might be he... (read more)