Christian Pearson
Seeking work
Working (6-15 years of experience)

My main area of interest lies in the communication of EA ideas. My preferred cause areas are existential risk (AI and Biorisk), global priorities, and animal rights.

I hold a B.Sc. in Chemistry, with a minor in Microbiology. At Toastmasters, I give speeches about existential risk, science, and EA ideas. Over the next few months, I will write speeches, share them with the forum community, and get feedback to ensure that EA ideas are communicated properly.

My other interests include playing piano, mountain biking, coding, fitness, and writing. 

How others can help me

I'm interested in pivoting toward direct or indirect work in AI alignment and Biorisk. Please contact me if you have need of a flexible individual with a particular interest in technical communication and outreach.

How I can help others

I have public speaking, science, IT, and piano performance experience. I love talking to others, building relationships, and helping to communicate technical ideas!


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Fill out this census of everyone who could ever see themselves doing longtermist work — it’ll only take a few mins

Great idea for a survey! I have submitted my answers.

I really liked that the list of cause areas is extensive, that you allow multiple choices, and that you offer an "Other" category. I appreciate that the survey was reasonable in length, and that it felt well thought-out.

One potential point of improvement: for the optional answer fields,  I wasn't sure how long to make my responses. From a web form perspective, the fields look nice. However, I found that their single line default size led me to feel that a short response was preferred. It might be helpful to clarify the expected length of responses, such as by stating that there are no expected lengths I reason that longer answer lengths would give organizations deciding on candidates more information.

Another idea is to summarize all the answers given, allowing one to tweak any mistakes. Though I'm not sure this is possible within the limitations of how you put it together.

Overall, excellent work! I sincerely thank you for taking the time to put this project together. I feel that it will be helpful for people who, like me, are very interested in forming connections to Effective Organizations.

Seeking work
Working (6-15 years of experience)