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    Thank you to everyone involved and the donors who are focusing resources on these under-served issues! We're thrilled that  CSR was included & we're doing our best to move the needle on reducing risks of nuclear conflict.  

    I really appreciate many of the points mentioned herein, and understand/share some of the skepticism and concern.  These comments by Jeffrey:

    and Harrison 

    are interrelated to me & relevant to whether and how these communities get more involved with each other. There is much promising work to do, yet our field also needs to evolve. Perhaps we can create more nuclear expert/EA engagement opportunities. From the policy wonk side, we need to do so in open-minded and genuine ways if so. (FWIW, I think Jeffrey is a top-notch expert for such dialogue.) I'm at the start of a 2-week EA coworking experience, and the mutual benefits and learning were clear within the first hours of my time here.