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How others can help me

Looking for opportunities to do operations management in any capacity! I'm happy to help with optimizing processes and automating workflows.

How I can help others

I can provide advice on transitioning to Product Management at startups, and growing as a Product Manager.


Hi everyone, I'm Claudia!

I found out about Effective Altruism through the Waking Up app. Sam Harris brought William MacAskill as a guest to speak about Being Good and Doing Good, and it really resonated with me. The Waking Up app already did a great job in making me contemplate on what it means to live a considered life, and then hearing about EA really got me thinking about my career and how I can contribute to the world.

I'm currently a Product Manager at a B2B startup, working remotely and based in Singapore. After reading the career guide from 80,000 hours, I found that operations management is probably the best career path for me at the moment, so I'm considering what options I can take to eventually get to Operations at a high impact organization. If anyone has a similar experience of pivoting from product management / working in startups to operations management, I'd love to get your advice!

I'm excited to be here, and looking forward to contributing to the EA community.