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Hello Tim - Thank you for your work in this arena. You are a huge supporter of the movie Trip of Compassion. Are you interested in supporting additional projects in the works which tell the true positive stories of people who have used MDMA therapy to heal trauma? As this therapy helped me I have been inspired to share with the world dozens of stories of healing and transformation that I have researched. The stories are amazing. As Michael Pollan stated in a comment below - the press will go negative, and I believe there will be pushback. I sent an email to your friend DM and asked that she forward it to you. Thank you again for all of your work!


From Michael Pollan below: I can't overestimate the value of public education as a way to inoculate the public against the inevitable negative stories-- business collapses, sexual abuse in the treatment room, suicides, scandal. The press, having treated psychedelics so positively in the last few years, will eventually turn, as the press always does sooner or later.  But the more solid information and true stories in the information ecosystem, the less of an effect this will have.