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Where can I learn more about Ready Research's work with regard to education?

Thank you for the note! I will check it out!

How exactly does this relate to my question?

Based on my interests (problem areas, etc.) which career paths might you recommend that I check out other than professor/public intellectual?

I am interested in becoming a professor of Education at an Ivy League institution. I looked at the faculty profiles of professors at Ivy League institutions and most of them have degrees from Ivy League institutions (i.e., high-ranked programs).

Thank you! I have been looking into the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

  • Age: 19 years old
  • Education: 2 academic years left to complete undergraduate degree (in Education)
  • Subject interest: Emotional intelligence (relates to effective altruism, promoting positive values, mental health, etc.)
  • Content niche: Emotional intelligence (i.e., self-improvement, wellbeing, health, grit, motivation, empathy, passion, etc.)