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I completed the 80,000 Hours career guide. My primary problem area interests are emotional intelligence, promoting effective altruism, promoting positive values, and mental health. 

Based on the career guide exercises, I think that advancing social-and-emotional learning (i.e., improving education) is one of the best methods for these problem areas. There are many SEL organizations that I would like to get involved with possibly as a professor. 

Note: If you do not know what social-and-emotional learning is, look it up.

I think that communicating ideas around solving these problems through the media is an effective method as well (i.e., being an influencer). However, emotional intelligence - which includes my other problem areas - is not nearly as neglected in the media as it is in education. There is a lot of videos and books about motivation, hard work, happiness, anxiety, managing emotions, etc.

Currently, I am stuck on whether I should focus on education or the media or both. What do you think is/are the most effective method(s) for these problem areas (focused around emotional intelligence)?




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