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EA can be hard: links for that

Thank you for this list! I research communication within EA and a large factor in ineffective communication is neglectedness around emotive responses when discussing these topics (I call the sum of these emotive responses the 'lean out effect').


All of these readings are super useful for my research so thank you so much for striving to metabolize your experience into something that can help other community members. Feel free to reach out and schedule a 1-on-1 and thank you again!

Corporate governance reform efforts?

Hi! I am interested in this kind of research and I study behavioral science, and psychology at Cornell. I also do public/industry communication for X-Risk and EA, so I would love to connect and discuss what you have in mind! 

How should people spend money to be more productive?

In line with Khorton's answer, life coaching

Especially from someone within Effective Altruism, who understands one's longterm goals, having an individual to sit down with each week and talk through any and all issues is well worth the pay. When coupled with journaling, the issues that would otherwise impact one's EA work can be majorly minimized. 

Even issues that may seem small or insignificant on the surface, if they are recurring, can be extremely taxing on one's sustainable EA motivation. The life coaching widely accessed within EA needs to extend far beyond just direct aspects of the career. 

If you're interested in life coaching on better achieving your goals, romance sustained motivation, etc... feel free to DM me. I'd be happy to chat about options beyond just therapy!

Why I am looking for an executive assistant

Hi Max,

This may be a silly question but I have been thinking quite a bit about exactly some of the points you brought up in your piece above due to a recent expansion of my EA Communication Organization requiring me to take on my own assistant. 

I am curious, would you recommend finding a part-time assistant for other people involved in EA who recognize that their work could become significantly more effective with even a part-time assistant? I am thinking of how often I see responses like "So sorry for the long response, I want to prioritize this and dropped the ball on responding because I have been so busy with {x responsbility}..." 


Given how opportunity distribution works, there is a connection between the importance of work and the effectiveness of the specific individual at said work and the number of opportunities they are presented with.  Do you think this creates a condition where many EA's who are doing well at what they are aiming to do ought to have more readily available access to for example part time assistants? 

The BEAHR: Dust off your CVs for the Big EA Hiring Round!

What options may there be for part-time (full-time students who are highly EA forcused/motivated)?  

EA directory of ideas

Hey!  I am interested in EA communication and idea rendering. At Cornell, I have been brainstorming some work in with a knowledge system called a Zettlestracken using software that visually plots / generates connections between ideas/notes. 


Perhaps the system I have started to design may be useful for this. Feel free to reach out to me if you're interested! I'll DM you my email! 

Hello from the new Content Specialist at CEA

Hi! Congratulations on the new position! 


I was curious, MetaCulus and similar sites have been really useful recently for many EA's. Would there be anyway to create a similar system on EA here to do group sourced elicitation for possible ethical outcomes? It might super power the EA Forum's ability to make rational comments! 

How Asia Works Reading Group

Hi! I was wondering if there might be an alternative time for this event? Given that this weekend is Stanford's X-Risk Conference, I know many EA's (myself included) who might love to attend this but will be busy or zoomed out with the Stanford conference. 

Two Podcast Opportunities

Hi! My name is Coleman, I am an X - Risk and EA Podcastor, YouTuber, and speaker. I would absolutely love to work on either project idea with you and your team! 

Feel free to directly message me here. 

Response to Recent Criticisms of Longtermism

A wonderful piece, Avital. I am eager to write a full response after finals subside. But until then, just wanted to say that it is a fantastic piece. It gave context and responses to several major claims that I have been seeking more clarity on for quite a while. Without a doubt, it is where I'll be sending folks who are curious about defenses of Longtermism from now on. Brava! 

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