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MIRI Summer Fellows Program: Applications open

We're also currently accepting applicants for our AI Risk for Computer Scientists (AIRCS) program. While both programs are co-run by MIRI and CFAR staff, and both focus on rationality plus AI safety content, there are some essential differences:
Length: MSFP runs for two weeks while AIRCS is five days long.
Frequency: MSFP occurs once a year, while AIRCS happens about once every two months.
Focus: While MSFP has a larger focus on math, AIRCS has a larger focus on computer science.
Participants: MSFP is more targeted toward people interested in Embedded Agency sub-problems

AI Summer Fellows Program: Applications open

Thanks for the suggestion, Adam. It is unfortunate. We had many other constraints to work with, including academic schedules and CFAR/MIRI staff availability, that made the published dates optimal. Next year, we'll factor the AI conference calendar into our planning — ICML19's placement in early June is probably already helpful.