Connacher Murphy

Economics Graduate Student
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I'm an economics PhD student at UChicago, where I focus on development and environmental economics.


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Thanks for all the helpful thoughts. The distinction between the growth work and treatment spillovers is useful. Growth theory doesn't seem to be a huge field these days, whereas program evaluation is quite large.

Hi everyone, I'm Connor. I'm an economics PhD student at UChicago. I've been tangentially interested in the EA movement for years, but I've started to invest more after reading What We Owe The Future. In about a month, I'm attending a summer course hosted by the Forethought Foundation, so I look forward to learning even more.

I intend to specialize in development and environmental economics, so I'm most interested in the global health and development focus area of EA. However, I look forward to learning more about other causes.

I'm also hoping to learn more about how to orient my research and work towards EA topics and engage with the community during my studies.