Conor McCammon

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Australian, 25 years old, he/him

I've been passionate about EA since I was a teenager, but only recently decided to become more active in the community.

I love creative writing, research on philosophical problems like population ethics, and political issues around global coordination. I have First Class Honours in Politics, Philosophy, & Economics, but I am currently a barista who writes about EA in his spare time. My dream is to transition to working full time within an EA organisation.


A late addition to this thread, but a potential name just popped into my head: 'Reasonably Good'. I like this because 'reasonably' captures two meanings here; 'being reasonable' (using reason and evidence to do good), but also 'reasonably good' in the sense of being okay with imperfection/ tradeoffs, and focusing pragmatically on the biggest wins rather than being paralysed with guilt and moral overwhelm.

Just a thought!

I have read this story periodically for years. It does a better job than nearly any story I have read of creating a utopia I might actually want to live in. It excites me, which a utopia should. (I'm still waiting for more writing set in this world please!)

My one nitpick is how directly EA-related it is. While it does a great job at depicting a utopia full of human values and flourishing, it isn't quite as direct about how effective altruism might lead us there.

Still, thoroughly enjoyable.