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Hi Sharmake,

Thanks for the collaboration. I have some discussion points and questions in response.

  1. What is EV maximization? Also, I think long-term you are correct, but short-term the technology really isn't that developed or efficient yet, and there seems to be mounting pressure to progress at a rate that isn't in sync with regulations or  technology. 
  2. I understand where you're coming from, however, I think inequality can be considered inherently chaotic, since it usually produces societal unrest. Human progress slows under conditions of unrest, so reducing inequality is important in terms of global peace and advancement. 
  3. What statement are you disagreeing with?
  4. What positives do you think using gene editing in governance could bring? 
  5. I entirely agree with the risk of using genetically-edited bioweapons- the only reason I didn't mention it is because this is a paper for Open Philanthropy Cause Area suggestions, and OP already has a "bioweapons/pandemic preparedness" cause area. I think a lot of the solutions would be the same for "natural" pandemics.