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I would add two relevant institutions and one potentially relevant place for consideration:

  • The EU's "AI High-Level Expert Group" is easy to make fun of, but as they're supposed to be the EU's think tank for AI governance they might be relevant for Brussels effect-type strategies. Some members of the HLEG may be approachable by EAs who happen to be in the right place. https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/high-level-expert-group-artificial-intelligence

  • ELLIS is the counterpoint to that, aiming to position itself as the (academic) hub for AI capability development in Europe. The founders' explicit intention is to help Europe catch up in AI. https://ellis.eu/

  • Estonia is said to be a hotspot for technology and microelectronics startups, and it is a testbed for e-governance. Its flat tax rate and e-citizenship program might also make Estonian regulation relevant for international companies that choose to incorporate there (by analogy to Ireland or other tax/regulation havens).