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Thanks for that. Could you give more details on the considerations and expected values of these examples?

I appreciate the open communication shared in your post. However, I'd like to express a few reservations regarding the makeup of the working group. I've observed that a significant portion comprises either current or former trustees and senior executives from Effective Ventures. Considering that this organization has faced challenges in management and is presently under the scrutiny of the Charity Commission, this does raise concerns. Moreover, the absence of a representative from the animal welfare sector is noteworthy. While I recognize that the funding is derived from OP's own resources, the outcomes have broad implications for the EA community. For many, it could influence pivotal career decisions. Thus, the responsibility associated with such initiatives cannot be overstated.

Can Holden clarify if and if so what proportion of those shares in OpenAI and Anthropic are legally pledged for donation?

I reread this post, I cannot find where it says the accuser has the chance to vest this post? May be I missed it somehow?

Could it also mean the sexual harassment problem is much wider and deeper rooted than we think?

Could you clarify whether the Charity commission investigation has any bearing on Owen’s resignation?

Perhaps people who pushed back or even attacked the Time article should have some reflection?

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