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I'm not sure why I didn't receive that letter/email from Chloe, but I feel like it bears more exposure here, at least as a reply to the other posts asking where to donate.

Please post this analysis as a comment on the original article.

Vox published a great Givewell-centric guide to giving on Friday: http://www.vox.com/2014/12/22/7434741/holiday-giving-charity-donation

I'm not sure how well it matches the requested points, but I recently wrote my second blog post ever, about my decision to go to code school and earn to give.

I'd also really appreciate any feedback on it.

Thanks. This isn't meant to list all individual EAs, but be an meta-representation of the playing field; see my replies to Evan.

Regarding hierarchy; this was more of a meta-hierarchy of what projects might encompass the scope of others, etc, rather than official associations between the orgs.

I didn't intend to link every person who identifies as an EA; rather just display which major players work on what projects.

I didn't envision this as a huge project; I think even just plugging things into a mind map would be nice.


My core intention is to help visualize the "playing field" of everything EA-related, to aid with:

  • Deciding the best meta-charities to fund
  • Visualizing relationships, and how certain organizations could act as force-multipliers for others
  • Strategizing co-ordination between orgs and perhaps whether the right people are in the right places

I would like to see a visual and possibly interactive map of all organizations and projects related to Effective Altruism, and their relationships including hierarchy, funding, room for funding, members, potential scale/scope of impact with some general metric, etc (suggest other useful attributes, and links to similar maps).

Would this project be worth the investment?

EDIT: By map I mean something like a mind map, not geographical.

Please reply with a description of Effective Altruism that you think optimizes for, in priority, conciseness, likelihood of compelling the reader to learn more, and comprehensiveness.

After we get a sufficient number, I'll repost them all at the same time as a poll.

Hi all! I'm David Perry, living in Durham NC. I just recently began the NC Effective Altruists meetup.

Also, this week I started an intensive code school for Ruby on Rails. I hope to eventually either work directly on software needed for EA-related causes, or Earn to Give more than I was in my previous job.

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