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Super glad to see this. Demonstrating how EA fits into different schools of islamic thought does sound like a huge undertaking, but hopefully one with important and scaling returns. I would be very interested to know more about EA uptake rates in different (islamic) national contexts, like growth of EA Malaysia vs any efforts to bring EA to gulf countries.

Is there a central group, slack, or task force thinking about/working on bringing EA to muslims and vice versa? Thanks for writing up this post! 

I do this all the time when I realize I'm not gonna get a full night's sleep, so I just say "screw it, might as well keep staying up". This is completely irrational of me and this post is a welcome reminder that 5 hrs of sleep is still much better than 4!

Nice! These kinds of solutions often seem the most effective and neglected, almost by default. Excited to see where this goes!

This brought tears to my eyes, thank you for posting. The Yad Vashem Museum is so beautiful and heavy. Looking for common denominators among the exceptional few who became rescuers seems like a high potential value pursuit for EA.

Awesome work, Dustin! So glad that this exists.

Yeah I say keep doing this, once a month tops/once a quarter minimum :)

Very cool, thanks for making this! Where does the data come from? How is it decided which orgs are included?

Thanks for sharing, I definitely have the same feeling. Especially on the "but I can't code" bit. I'm gonna read through that Blue Dot course curriculum, it seems like a good step for people in this stage of thinking.

"Don’t worry too much about overlap. Chances are there is demand for many organizations doing the same thing or that you’ll fill a slightly different niche than the original organization."

I think this is good advice. There's a lot of (justified) focus on neglectedness in EA, but this is often confused with one-of-a-kind-ness, when in reality there can be multiple organizations providing the same service and it is still neglected/in short supply. EAs who want to help can found new projects that are basically just using a pre-existing template in another context/niche.

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