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BSc econometrics and mathematical economics @ LSE
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I am a trainee economist who thinks EA has an opportunity to do alot of good. However, I have serious concerns about Goodheart's law/naive optimisation and community health.

How others can help me

I would love to talk about/write about with people: the study of innovation, cool things regarding networks and graph theory and philosophical concerns with core EA principles.

How I can help others

I spend lots of my time trying to make growth theory less crap and studying innovation. Can help people understand ideas/papers in either area or Econ more generally.


Empirics has come to dominate econ (all but 1? of the recent American economic review articles were empiric-focused). Where's the data for a treatment effect of a treatment that hasn't occurred? Forecasts and expert predictions are not very stylish either, compared to "true causal effects." I don't know the best approach to solve this and am open to ideas