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For concrete research directions in safety and several dozen project ideas, please see our paper Unsolved Problems in ML Safety: https://arxiv.org/abs/2109.13916

Note that some directions are less concretized than others. For example, it is easier to do work on Honest AI and Proxy Gaming than it is to do work on, say, Value Clarification.

Since this paper is dense for newcomers, I'm finishing up creating a course that will expand on these safety problems.

I spent some time improving the design. Here is the current design in three color scheme options.

SVGs are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZxtJ_gf9T_H4AIZnpmCzPngp5h0XPojf?usp=sharing

Here are past logos by other people:

A reminder that the competition ends this month!

My main concern is that the format disproportionately encourages submissions from amateurs

We also crosspost on reddit to attract people who know how to design logos.

The claim that "symbolism is important" is not substantiated

I would need evidence against the claim that imagery basically worthless. Even in academic ML research, it's a fatal mistake not to spend at least a day thinking about how to visualize the paper's concepts. This mistake is nonetheless common.

There isn't an official body for utilitarianism, so no decisions are official. A community competition brings in more submissions and voices, and it is a less arbitrary process. I'll try to have many utilitarian-minded people vote on the insignia compared to just one person.

I think the "heart in a lightbulb" insignia for EA is a great design choice and excellent for outreach, but there is no such communicable symbol for utilitarianism. Companies know to spend much on design for outreach since visualization is not superfluous. I do not think the optimal spending is $0, as is currently the case. A point of the competition is finding a visual way of communicating a salient idea about utilitarianism suitable for broader outreach. I do not know what part is best to communicate or how best to communicate it--that's part of the reason for the competition.