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What do DALYs capture?

Thanks for your comments, Michael!

You raise a good point. I think a possible way of making communication better may be by labelling posts with keywords? That way, everyone could find very easily everything that has been posted about a topic. I am not sure that would have helped in this case, though. My goal with this post was to be comprehensive about what is not so good about DALYs. I did as much reading as I could and wrote more extensively about the factors that seemed more important. Mental health came up as one of these factors (I read your article and I was persuaded, so I decided to dig deeper), so I did not feel that I could leave it out, even if there was already something written about it. You may be right in that this may have been inefficient, and in the future, I think referencing posts rather than writing new ones may be a better alternative. Something definitely worth keeping in mind.