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Hello and thank you all for the amazing work and awareness being brought to this field. My question; Has there been any studies or correlations seen in studies with the length of time a person has been diagnosed with PTSD, addiction, depression and the results of their psychedelic assisted therapy?

A friend and I were discussing this because most articles/studies we read, the person mentioned has been diagnosed with PTSD for 10+ years before being part of the trial. I know from my own experience with addiction (coming up on 4 years sober) generally speaking the longer a person has been in addiction, the more willing and open they are to different forms of treatment (if they truly and sincerely are serious about getting clean-which is another factor) I also understand that addiction, PTSD, and depression are all different and can stem from very personal experiences to the person going through them. I was just curious if there was any information in regards to length of diagnosis and success of trial.

Again thank you all for everything and I continue to look forward to good things ahead!