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How do you track your donations?

Yes, I can share the app with a link directly, however the way I've built it right now people with the link can not only see our donations, but edit some stuff as well, so I don't want to share it outside our group right now. But I'm starting to realize that I might want to change that so it's easier to share progress with people outside our group.

It's not really practical to share on your personal website as en embedd or something like that though. Instead it's a stand alone web app.

I might make a template that others can use if anyone would be interested. 

Do you have any ideas for features or something in particular you're looking for?  

How do you track your donations?

I’ve built a Glide app (a no code platform: https://www.glideapps.com ) based on a Google Sheet for me and a couple of friends to keep track of our donations. I’ve automated monthly donations and currency conversion in google sheets. If anyone is interested I can share the sheet file and make the Glide app copy-able. Here are some screenshots: 




It’s all swedish, but I think you get the idea. Since it is a webapp it is easy to share with others and I have made it easy to register new donations.