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    Hello everyone, I'm rather new to this space but I'm finding the ideas of the EA memeplex very fascinating! I'll probably be starting college in one of the more "hard" physics-based engineering field (electrical, mechanical, chemical) sometime next year. 

    I just wanted to ask for ideas about research / development of which actual technologies would:

    1. Be very helpful for directly adressing EA related problems
      1. So nothing general purpose such as new materials
    2. Not accidentally contribute to making the problems worse
      1. So nothing that might become dangerous in the future such as nanotech 

    (I've not really found much relating to this on the 80KH website)


    It seems the overlap there is probably very small. Here are some I've come up with:

    • Better green energy sources to make solving climate change cheaper
    • Battery technology to improve intermittent solar and wind energy
    • Cultured meat / plant-based substitutes to make factory farms obsolete (and cultured animal products generally)
      • Here I'm talking about designing bioreactors and generally making production efficient / scalable
    • Better hardware for AI?

    What could be some good fields that might be missing from this list?

    Also, am I right in avoiding potentially dangerous fields such as nanotechnology? Or would those be even more important to get into just to shape development positively?

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