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Try to get Kyunghyun Cho to do work on AI safety research.

I spoke with Kyunghyun Cho a year ago, and he was extremely dismissive of safety. I have no idea why you listed him.

Would anyone mind posting a very short summary of their favorite talk? I'm trying to shop talks, but I don't know much of what's covered within each talk.

Heads up: The first link is the URL for the page's comments section.

I'm Daniel. I'm a first-year student who is studying economics and planning on earning to give through a career in finance. While at college, I will hopefully set up an EA group.

I got into EA through Peter Singer and 80000hours. I've considered utilitarianism correct for a long time, but I've only found about EA recently.

I'm mainly concerned about existential risk; recently I've been thinking about Pascal's Mugging and the prospect of displacing humanity with an utilitronium-like AGI.

Many of the costs shared in this post are unfortunately average costs. To set a child up for an earning to give career on Wall Street, top-tier education is necessary and very expensive in most cases. I don't think universities would reduce the expected family contribution even if the parent is donating most of the income to effective charities. Ultimately, if the child does earn to give, then the cost of education is worth it, provided that humanity exists for several years while the child earns to give. As an 18-year-old, I don't intend to have children because if I would, then I'd get a child at, say, age 30, and it'd take the child ~22 years to get onto Wall Street. That's around 2048, and that's so far in the future that humanity's continuation is much more uncertain.