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I have heard rumors about it, but it seems like it might be a little exclusive.

I heard that you might have to provide evidence that you are not already a highly impactful individual, and that you have some amount of angst in your life, so I'm not sure it's for everyone.

I totally agree. The amount of potential value in creating and fostering these kinds of relationships are huge. I'm part of an organization called ThinkBetter thinkbetter.ca and we are looking into this as well.

I'm not going to be able to cover everything we are doing even just related to circling in my talk, and it feels like we would have a lot in common and would love to chat with you and see where our approaches intersect.

Authentic Relating, Changing People's Minds, and Increasing Communication Capacity


We would like to share insights and discuss an authentic relating practise known as circling. Circling is an activity designed to create an “authentic” and “alive” atmosphere, as well as increase the participants' (and facilitators) capacity for empathy, connection, and sharing “cruxes”.


A common problem around “convincing” people to adopt EA values or change their behaviors to be more EA aligned, is accessing the emotional part(s) of themselves that can make the decisions and feel good about it in a way that can permeate into their lives.

The kind of circling that we do creates an atmosphere of vulnerability, emotional openness. During these sessions participants connect to what they personally find truly important and how they want to live their lives.

A secondary effect of participating in these circling (among many), is an increased capacity for those involved to have a better experiential understanding of how people make decisions, how they choose what to share, and how vulnerable they can be.


We would like to present a brief introduction to circling, some common states of mind that it can produce, and some future possibilities.

Who We are

My name is Daniel Tabakman, I founded the rationality meetup group in Ottawa, and ran the Toronto branch for some time. Currently I am part of ThinkBetter, (thinkbetter.ca) a decentralized meta community who’s founders came out of EA.

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Strong preference to not overlap with any other ThinkBetter speakers .

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