Danila Medvedev

-24Moscow, Russia, 115184Joined May 2022


Futurologist, public speaker, consultant https://danilamedvedev.com

NeyroKod architect http://neyrokod.info (knowledge management, exocortex, complex thinking)

NanoLab founder http://nanolabvr.com (VR chemistry education and nanomachine design)

KrioRus founder/director https://kriorus.com

Other interests: intelligence augmentation https://augmentek.online innovation systems, R&D policy aging, life extension, transhumanism


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My thoughts on nanotechnology strategy research as an EA cause area

Good to see nanotech and APM finally get some attention from the EA experts after 10 (15?) years of neglect!

We at NanoLab ( http://nanolabvr.com/ ) stand firmly behind an aggressive (but of course risk-aware) strategy of implementing APM for the benefit of humanity quickly and safely.

I want also to emphasize that the Bottleneck analysis report is top-notch and is probably a required reading for anyone interested in the topic (unless you already know all the background and who did what when), since it's up to date and very thorough.