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I am fully supportive of more books coming out on EA related topics. I've also always enjoyed your writings. 

As someone trying to write a book about the threat of AI for a broader audience, I've learned that you should have a good idea of your goal for the book's distribution.  Meaning, is your goal to get this published by a publisher?
Or self-publish?  An eCopy or audiobook?

To get something published, you typically need an agent. To get an agent you usually need a one-page pitch, a writing sample, and perhaps an outline. 

If no agent is interested, it is a risk to write the book if you want a third party to publish it. 

Thought that this was filled with interesting ideas. Thank you.

If open to constructive feedback, I think that there is an opportunity (mainly for host but also perhaps you as guest) to reduce the amount of 'likes' that are equivalent to 'ums' in your speech. 

This may be cultural/generational, and perhaps few others care, but personally I found parts hard to listen to because there were so many 'likes'. 

I couldn't help but be curious, so I did a search on the transcript and it pops up 577 times (of course, a decent chunk of those are not filler but part of normal speech).

Oops, looks like I read that last July (and didn't agree with the general thesis). Thanks for the comment. 

Thanks for sharing.  Do you happen to have the number of books you sent out (as you've already given the cost).  Just wondering if my current estimate of around 30000 is close. 

"Meanwhile, at a meeting with Alameda employees on Wednesday, Ms. Ellison explained what had caused the collapse, according to a person familiar with the matter. Her voice shaking, she apologized, saying she had let the group down. Over recent months, she said, Alameda had taken out loans and used the money to make venture capital investments, among other expenditures.

Around the time the crypto market crashed this spring, Ms. Ellison explained, lenders moved to recall those loans, the person familiar with the meeting said. But the funds that Alameda had spent were no longer easily available, so the company used FTX customer funds to make the payments. Besides her and Mr. Bankman-Fried, she said, two other people knew about the arrangement: Mr. Singh and Mr. Wang."