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thank you all for your replies! sorry for my slow reply - I had my notifications set wrong on the forum so missed this at the time. I'm currently taking a career break and living off my runway, so having it in a bank account is fine for now. your advice may prove useful in the future.

thank you so much for this, it's a fantastic collection of resources.

the link to the Effective Peer Support Slack has expired - would you be able to update it? You may need to change the expiration date so the link doesn't expire. this article shows how to do this. thanks!

I know this post was written a while back, but I'm still finding it super helpful. thank you!

Thanks, that doc of Entertainment for EA Conversations looks great! Looks like it hasn't been updated in a while but I added something new. I like that it has a quick description of each item on there.

I find the suggestion that spending money to keep friend and family relationships strong is important very helpful. Thanks!

This was a helpful introduction to the forum. I previously felt slightly intimidated at the idea of posting on the forum but this post made me feel much more comfortable doing so.