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If you'd like to hear about job opportunities in information security and global catastrophic risk, you can fill out this form created by 80,000 Hours

I find it rather unfortunate that a job application related form for security experts is not only hosted at Google, but also requires a Google account to even see.

The reason is that security expertise and awareness in many cases (some would say in all) involves care about privacy. Because Google is a company whose business model revolves around taking your personal data and making money out of it, I would expect that a lot of good security-minded people will stop before submitting their information to Google, reducing the chances for finding suitable candidates.

For those, who like me, won't do that, I post form questions (edited due to broken copy-paste). I'll leave where to submit them as an exercise for the reader.

Hear about high-impact job opportunities in information security
Submit your CV and interests in information security and global catastrophic risks. Staff at 80,000 Hours will get in touch if you're a good fit for a high impact opportunity.
Even if you aren't actively seeking a job at the moment, we think getting in touch could help us connect you to great opportunities sometime in the next few years.
Note: this form is managed by 80,000 Hours and responses are also accessible to staff members at the Open Philanthropy Project.
E-Mail-Adresse *
LinkedIn profile(Typically preferred over resume or CV.)
Resume or CV(Especially if you don't have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile.)
Where would you be open to considering a role? *
  • London / Oxford / Cambridge
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Boston
  • Other
Which risks are you interested in using your InfoSec experience to work on? *Artificial intelligence Biosecurity Nuclear war Other
How did you become interested in working on these problems? *
Which countrie s are you legally authorized to work in? * United StatesUnited Kingdom Other
Any other comments on what you're interested in? (optional)
For example, are there any particular types of work or particular organizations you're most interested in?
Can we share the information you've submitted directly with organisations working in our priority paths so that they can reach out to you if they have a role that would be a good fit with your interests?