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I would like to add to Darren Tindall's point. The initial post (which was fine in itself) was narrowly focused on individual women who have been victims of violent acts. But widespread violence against women has a cascading and corrosive effect on all women's wellbeing. There is effectively a "tax" on women, for being women. At night, women and girls will often pay for a taxi or uber, because they are not safe walking or taking public transport. Women everywhere often avoid parks or isolated areas, for fear of being attacked. The constant vigilance required takes a mental toll, as well as restricting their activities. In addition, this is violence aimed at them specifically BECAUSE they are women (a fact they can do nothing about).  Continued fearfulness, at home and in public places, has a cost, although it is difficult to assess that in dollar terms. It is not dissimilar to the cost of racism.