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Have you talked with someone from Ought/Elicit? It seems like they should be able to give you useful feedback.

does it follow that you should spend a lot more on near-term cause areas now?

I think so.

I was quite focused on building career capital, and now I'm focused on reducing near-term animal suffering, partly because of this reasoning.

Thanks! I changed the title. (I had copied the quote from the tweet without double-checking)

Thanks for the post!

What do you think about Open Philanthropy's grants in AI Alignment? (eg. https://www.openphilanthropy.org/grants/funding-for-ai-alignment-projects-working-with-deep-learning-systems/). Do you think the EV is positive?

And what do you think about 80,000 Hours recommending people to join big AI labs?

There's a big issue with semantics.

Most people would agree that an AI that automates ~99% of remote jobs is AGI, but Chollet disagrees because the AI might be "just memorizing".

The key thing is whether scaling will be enough to automate AI research, but unfortunately, they don't discuss this in the podcast.

Happy to hear this from someone working on AI Safety.

Do you think EA/EA orgs should do something about it?

(Crypto has a similar problem. There are people genuinely interested in it but many people (most?) are just into it for the money)

Oh, sorry! I literally searched for "News" but didn't see it 🤦🤦


A potential solution would be for the forum to have a tag called something like "News" and then with the "Customize feed" feature let people choose between hide/reduce/default.

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Maybe there should be a separate space for "relevant EA news"? So that EAs don't have to ~waste time on Twitter to be up to date.

Personally, I wish it existed.

Totally agree!

I would love to read a thoughtful analysis (I'm not qualified to do it).

My main question is: "Should EAs still try to join OpenAI?" (80,000 Hours is still recommending it)

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