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What are the highest impact questions in the behavioral sciences?

Great question! These are just some initial instincts - I'm not sure any of these questions are overly neglected, and they are too broad to be research questions, but curious to hear what others think:

  • How can we [most effectively - implicit in all questions below] expand individuals' moral circles (including over temporal dimensions), particular during key choice points (e.g. choosing what to eat, whether/where to donate, what/who to vote for)?
  • How can we improve political decision-making (i.e. ensuring political choices are consistent with individuals' values)?
  • How can we improve judgement and decision-making under uncertainty (including deep uncertainty) more generally? And do these differ for individuals vs. small groups vs. large groups/organisations?
  • How can we ensure individuals and groups behave more consistently with their decisions/intentions?
  • How can we increase effective democratic behaviours more generally (i.e. behaviours outside of well-defined political decisions that are generally regarded to contribute towards a well-functioning democracy)?
  • How can we increase cooperation between individuals and groups, particular individuals and groups that are distant (physically, temporally, socially, etc)?