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    A bit too much crypto jargon - hopefully by then we will have gotten over micro-commoditization enough that both the buzz words and perhaps even the payments themselves simply blend into the background, following a attention-based social-democracy policy you set long ago which you never have to think much about after.

    Also, how much could it possibly cost to buy an AR cryptopuppy program anyway? It should be basically free when so easily replicable, even if the creator was making huge profits om their time spent. Everything in this story should be basically free for that matter - and the homeless man should be able to get that meal without asking, when its true cost is probably fractions of a penny when energy is that plentiful. I'm fine with the libertarian micro-payment future only insofar as it makes things more efficient and removes middlemen price gouging, but that's not the case when it's creating NFT DecentraLand artificial-scarcity IP detached from reality - that's just asking for a new dystopia. By this point prices for anything on the human-level should be so crazy low as to not need thinking about for anything society can produce without realistic scarcity concerns (which would be very few things below geoengineering-level, if we're already at Dyson spheres/swarms). I do see money continuing as a social-score kind of thing by then, but that should be almost completely divorced from material scarcity unless we do something very very dumb.

    Those rants aside, great vignette and yes these optimistic future visions are important! I personally think you're not far off - just a question of time. The crypto stuff might even be a nearer future thing, though I expect it'll be a lot more dystopian, especially as it interfaces with both our current system and our current scarcities, while opening new doors for deregulation.