Dominik Braun

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    Hi everyone, I'm Dominik.

    I'm a graduate student pursuing a Master's in Public Sector Innovation from multiple different European universities. I got pointed to EA through Will MacAskill's recent book (and the entire rabbit hole of literature leading up to it). It has been astounding and encouraging to see that there is an entire community of people out here seeking to apply reason and scientific insight to doing as much good as possible!

    Currently, am looking for prospective Master's thesis topics (TBD until end of November) - and I am open to pretty much everything relating to innovation,  governance, technology management, organizational change management, etc.

    So if there is a relevant EA research agenda that I could draw from, please feel free to throw any hints my way! 

    (I just skimmed through the various resources here, but also by 80k hours, etc. And it's just too much to take in at first sight :)

    Greetings from Estonia