Dominion Alajemba

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Hi everyone. My name is Dominion Alajemba, I am from Nigeria in Africa.

About a month ago, I stumbled upon a status update on EA for Christians made by Daniel Ajudeonu on the WhatsApp app.

My interest has been sparked, and I'm very happy to know that I can contribute my own little quota to solving the world's pressing issues. Little drops make the ocean, they say.

I am a Creative, and I'm currently studying Adult Non-formal Education/English and Literature, in the University of Benin, Nigeria. I'm in my last semester.

As a creative, I use graphic design as a medium/channel to express my opinions, thoughts and convictions. I infuse my storytelling, content writing/developing, photography, and video editing skills to this.

I know that with what I have, and what I'll have, I can contribute immensely to this cause.

Narrowing it down, I have picked particular interests in Plastic Pollution, environmental degradation and deforestation (which are major causes of Climate Change) and food wastage, which falls under Food Security. I do hope I can give my very best in these aspects.

Navigating the entirety of EA and EA for Christians can be quite challenging as there's a ton of info to go through and consume, so I'd appreciate any help I can get.

Thank you.