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Question for anyone: What is the next big book about the future of psychedelics that you hope gets written? 

Thanks for all of your work in this area and for doing this AMA. 

In the spirit of "80,000 Hours" (the effective altruism approach to using one career to do the most good) — what kinds of qualifications, experiences, or credentials are needed to work in this field? I'm sure there is a range. I'm personally interested in the challenge of scaling the training of facilitators, and I have credentials in learning design, but nothing in clinical psychology or psychiatry. Must one have experience in research or clinical settings to make an impact here?  

Would love any recommendations about where to learn more about the specs of an ideal labor force needed to ensure a safe, thriving, and effective future of psychedelics.

Thanks to all of you for your work in this space, and for doing this AMA. 

Question for anyone. In the spirit of Effective Altruism — where are donations best placed in this space? Is it simply about giving to MAPS, USONA, JHU, Berkeley, Neuroscape, etc. and letting them use as they see fit? 

Or is there a taxonomy or framework of giving opportunities potential donors should consider such as monitoring and litigating potential abuse in the patent landscape; scaling training for facilitators; harm reduction; public education campaigns; funding specific research studies ? Does it depend on how big the donation is?