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Introducing Shrimp Welfare Project

I cannot put into word how deeply I appreciate your work. Thank you and everyone involved.  
p.s love the logo.

Good idea, added this point to the pitch.  :) 

Preprint is out! 100,000 lumens to treat seasonal affective disorder

Well done!! 

I would absolutely love if you will post these results to our FB group Psychologists for Effective Altruism. (Please Join!)  

Have you tried publishing your results to Mental Health Innovation Network? It is a fantastic organization and they try to promote such novel interventions. 

And I'm sure that if your N was a bit bigger you would have reached the statistical significance that would show that BROAD is superior to the Light Box!! 


Hey guys, took some time to revise my post - clarifying bullets, adding a few examples, and most importantly - making a true "elevator pitch" section before my elaboration. 

Proposal: alternative to traditional academic journals for EA-relevant research (multi-link post)

All I have to say is that I'm  a huge fan. Thank you and please keep us updated!  

Is there anyone working full-time on helping EAs address mental health problems?

I like this post, a lot, thanks Richard!
I think you are addressing two things - 

1. The first is something called "burnout" - in which you feel absolutely depleted and exhausted from your work. EAers are more prone to this, because you feel a lot of weight on your shoulders when you work on something that its success or failure could impact peoples lives. Even more prone are EAers that are activists, working on projects that do not enjoy common support - and even the opposite. I can share from my personal experience I had as an Animal Rights activist - people mocked us, degraded our work, etc. (and we were the friendliest ever). It tripled the burnout. I agree that creating content around how to manage (or even avoid) burnout is fantastic for the EA community. I think such work is described as "Meta-EA". You gave me a great idea, to write a post about how to manage/avoid burnout! I will publish it in the forum in the upcoming weeks. 

2. Improving the general MH (Mental Health) of EAers (regardless of Burnout) - this is also a "Meta-EA" topic. As someone who is studying Clinical Psychology I thought about it myself, just volunteering (in the future, when I'm licensed and all that) making myself available without any pay for EAers in my local community of EA Israel who are struggling, and could contact me for some initial consultancy. (It needs to be very, very well defined how exactly to do this - you don't want to do more harm than good, but it's possible). 

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