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Reducing long-term risks from malevolent actors

Regarding neurological measurements - there is actually really significant fMRI work which demonstrates lack of empathy and fearlessness. I would recommend reading some of the work by Prof. Abigail Marsh  

I want to be replaced

This post inspired me a lot... Thank you. 

Introducing Shrimp Welfare Project

I cannot put into word how deeply I appreciate your work. Thank you and everyone involved.  
p.s love the logo.

Good idea, added this point to the pitch.  :) 

Preprint is out! 100,000 lumens to treat seasonal affective disorder

Well done!! 

I would absolutely love if you will post these results to our FB group Psychologists for Effective Altruism. (Please Join!)  

Have you tried publishing your results to Mental Health Innovation Network? It is a fantastic organization and they try to promote such novel interventions. 

And I'm sure that if your N was a bit bigger you would have reached the statistical significance that would show that BROAD is superior to the Light Box!! 


Hey guys, took some time to revise my post - clarifying bullets, adding a few examples, and most importantly - making a true "elevator pitch" section before my elaboration. 

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