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Hi everyone! Open Philanthropy is recruiting for two new roles on our Global Health & Wellbeing and Biosecurity teams.

We’re hiring:
A Program Operations Assistant on our Global Health & Wellbeing Cause Prioritization team. In this role, you would add operations capacity to the team by managing team documents and schedules, supporting the operational side of team projects, and helping manage grantee communication.

An Executive Assistant on our Biosecurity & Pandemic Preparedness team. In this role, you would provide support to Senior Program Officer, Andrew Snyder-Beattie, and resolve important logistical bottlenecks for the team as a whole.

Feel free to reach out to jobs@openphilanthropy.org if you have any questions about whether you’re a fit!

Also consider filling out our referral form. If you refer someone and we end up hiring them, we offer a $5000 referral reward!

Open Philanthropy is hiring a Recruiting Manager to lead our recruiting team and help us achieve our ambitious growth targets. In this role, you would manage a small in-house recruiting team of 4-5 direct reports and serve as a critical advisor on hiring strategy and decisions as we continue to grow.

You don’t need to have already worked in a primarily recruiting-focused role (though it’s a plus!). Ultimately, we're looking for someone who deeply understands Open Philanthropy’s mission, shares our vision for the kind of organization we are working to become, and has the skills and experience to build the recruiting function that can get us there.

Apply here or share with others who might be a great fit!

Applications close at 5 pm PT on Monday, August 22nd.