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Answer by EA-sy2

An interesting post (although perhaps skewing too negative in premise) would be an article on how best to reach/what options can be advertised or made available to the ‘Reluctant Effective Altruists’ (REA’s) of society… other than giving what they can which is an obvious starting point.

For the purposes of the post the REA’s would be those who agree with EA in principle, but are any of the following, and likely fall into more categories besides:

  • agree in principle but are not skilled/believe themselves to be unable or are simply not motivated enough to gain the relevant skills for the worlds most pressing problems
  • agree in principle and may even have the necessary skills but are reluctant to change their focus.
  • those who have the skills/motivation but have dissolve-able barriers, be those personal, or societal.
  • perhaps even those who agree in principle but have been somehow ‘burned’ previously by altruistic endeavours gone awry.

Of course, time and attention are very precious. Perhaps reaching REA’s is best done simply by expounding the logic of Effective Altruism/associated concepts as far and wide as possible… naturally some REA’s will shift to become EA’s and thats the simplest route.

However, an assessment of the different categories of REA, and how to speak directly to them/matching options suited for each, may create a marginal gain that compounds over time… and wouldn’t otherwise be realised.