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Hi Linda,

I am seeking advice for an eventual PhD  thesis in AI ethics, safety and alignment.

I am about to finish my B.Arts (Philosophy Major) in June and am considering the next step in applying for masters programs to fulfil PhD thesis ambitions.

I note you studied at Grenoble and that it offers several masters courses in English (this is the only language I currently speak. I am willing to learn french, but am 46 now and don’t learn languages quickly - so I need English courses until I am better). I am seriously considering the English masters courses at Grenoble Alpes University and would like recommendations of which ones offered by Grenoble are best to pursue as the next step as foundations towards PhD. 

My intuitions suggest based on feedback, that I need solid mathematics, logical and computer science foundations to pursue these PhD ambitions. There is a Grenoble course in English that is Masters in Mathematics and applications. Out of the Grenoble courses offered, is this the one you would recommend those like me apply for? or is an alternative more suitable?

Additionally, I am getting a PhD math tutor in order to prepare for validation of skills and knowledge requirements as an alternative entry pathway for graduate studies. Are you able confirm that Grenoble allows informal mathematics education that is later validated through tests, to be acceptable for entry into Grenoble graduate programs like the one I mentioned?


thanks and regards