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The 'gold standard' in animal welfare Corporate Campaigns are estimated to halve the suffering for 66 years of chicken life per dollar spent.

IT HALVES THE SUFFERING FOR 66 OF CHICKEN LIFE FOR EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR SPENT??? Wow, just, wow... I'm completely out of words. I had no idea these charities were so unbelievably effective. Can you provide me with some source on that?

Thank you a lot for your response! I feel a lot more assured now.

When is this change coming to the Portuguese version?

I was unaware that solar flares could carry an extinction risk. I thought that it could at worst make silicon-based technology unusable for a few centuries.

Solar flares are temporary events, so I suppose that a solar flare, however bad it could be, could not be classified as an existencial risk.

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CS=Computing Science? How is computing science relevant to this field?

I haven't considered taking two undergraduate degrees at once. I'll think about it.

But have no idea on where to start. Please, just give me some direction, if you are able to.

I have applied, but they rejected me 🙁 I know that it varies greatly from person from person (I have read 80.000 hours' page on personal fit), but what is the best undergraduate degree in general, not taking personal fit into consideration?

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