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EA Toronto - General Report - Looking Back at 2019

Thanks for sharing, this is great! I found it particularly useful to read how many hours you spend on each activity and the objectives and key results you've planned for 2020.

I was a bit surprised that you've used a quarter (250/932 hours) of your time on personally learning directly related to EA. How much do you think the hours you spent on learning have contributed to the positive outcomes of EA Toronto? You wrote "Finally, without independent learning, another wild guess seems to say that the other two thirds of EATO's strategy updates and insights would not exist". Does this mean that you partly focused on learning about strategy and evaluation?

Also super cool that you directed around 42,000 CAD to MF!!

Pre-announcement and call for feedback: Operations Camp 2019

Thanks for your feedback! We have ended up going for a 4-7 day camp for people with 1-2 years of experience. I've noted down your ideas for a future iteration of the camp.

And thanks for your offer! You've been very helpful so far, and it would be great to discuss more at a later time.

So you want to do operations [Part one] - which skills do you need?

Thanks for explaining! I wasn't familiar with the term, but I feel like I know understand better what it entails and the different ways it could look like.

So you want to do operations [Part two] - how to acquire and test for relevant skills

Thanks again for taking the time to comment! We've noted down all your points, and found especially the one about signalling fit and thoughts on the role of national/local groups very interesting and valuable.

Pre-announcement and call for feedback: Operations Camp 2019

Thank you for your comments! You've particularly made us think about the length of camp for the first group. We're now leaning towards something between 5-10 days. Your comment about potential risks is also greatly appreciated, and we will think carefully about how much we will make public moving forward.

So you want to do operations [Part one] - which skills do you need?

Thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate that you've taken the time to be so thorough. I also appreciate how structured your comment is, and it makes it easy to follow. You bring up a lot of new points that we haven't thought about before, and have made us think more about how we can better cooperate with MBA/ business graduates and HR managers. I also found your list of certificates particularly useful. I was wondering, could you explain more about what you call 'partnership streams'?

A few days ago we published another post on this topic where we outline our plans for an operations camp this summer as a project to help reduce the operations talent gap in EA. It would be great if you get the chance to read over it and see if you have any input.

Effective Altruism Stipend: A Short Experiment by EA Estonia

This is very cool! Exciting results. We'll definitely look into doing something similar in Norway. Thanks for writing this up and sharing.

So you want to do operations [Part two] - how to acquire and test for relevant skills

Just to check, does this link work for you? http://hexaco.org/hexaco-online

(Edit) Ah, sorry. So you don't get the results from the website?

So you want to do operations [Part one] - which skills do you need?

Interesting, do you think there are ways to practice or increase value-alignment/good judgment? For example by doing an internship at the organisation in question? Or having a practice period either at the organisation, or through a training programme organised by someone else?

So you want to do operations [Part one] - which skills do you need?

I think this hypothesis is similar to the points made by 80k in their post on why although EA orgs really value their previous hires, especially in operations, there is still a large talent gap. It seems like part of the constraint has to do with the organisations' ability hire new people. We're also really interested in finding ways to reduce the constraint on EA orgs by seeing how we can reduce organisational costs through, for example, contributing to the filtering process or providing strong signals about a person. This is something we want to explore in the next posts in the series.

Do you have ideas to address and perhaps reduce the organisational constraints?

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